The spreader setting examples to be within metaldehyde guidelines are based on operating a forward speed of 12 km/hr

Click on the list below to display the settings or applicators fitted to quad bikes. Treatments can also be made using fertiliser applicators (check manufacturer’s instructions).

Select Spreader Setting

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These settings are a guide and to satisfy the Sustainable Use Directive (SUD), all slug pellet application equipment over five years old that is in use should have been tested by 26th November 2016, and then every six years thereafter.

If equipment is less than five years old it needs to be tested by its fifth anniversary, and then every six years thereafter.

For more information on testing requirements, click here. [Link to the following address:

The National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) is delegated as the body to test application equipment in the UK. Visit to find your nearest, or preferred test centre.